Clairvoyance. An unexplained talent to see future in dreams. In my case, lot of my dreams have been verified to be true and indicating what is going to happen in future. I have been on TV for my talent so many times. Also, i used to run a community on Orkut called ‘100 Days’ where i used to write my predictions. Most of his predictions have come true. and most – though not in the time period i predicted-but came out to be true in further future.

Clairvoyants are not always 100% right. Some people are born with highly sensitive intuition. Most of them make prediction based on the indication they saw in dream or thoughts. In my(Vikrant) case, most of predictions have come true and have also been verified by media but you dont say that what ever i write will come true. Well May be! This is what we are researching on with the team of Clairvoyant. We will see how many predictions from them hold true in future.